At Sahara house of modern Pvt. Ltd. we recognize that every project is unique. During the process, your brief is analyzed by Sahara house of modern Pvt. Ltd. and our partner architects to ensure the completed design is one you’ll be happy to live with for many years to come. Our modern prefab houses are built efficiently in a matter of weeks and installed in just days, with all services, trades and materials project managed and architecturally supervised in Sahara house of modern Pvt. Ltd. factories. Regardless of the type or style of house selected, our team of skilled professionals guides each project from start to finish through each of the following stages:

Initial Visit

Initial Visit Visit our display suites and factory facilities in the Dhapasi to view the houses and meet the Sahara house of modern Pvt. Ltd. team.

Architect Consultation

Meet with Sahara house of modern Pvt. Ltd. and our architectural partners to discuss your project brief, budget and site specifics. Following this meeting, we will provide a brief and a budget estimate for both your project and for the next stages. This meeting can take place at Sahara house of modern Pvt. Ltd. office in Dhapasi Kathmandu Nepal.

Site Inspection

The architects will visit your land to conduct a full analysis and discuss the pre-designed or custom-designed house style that will best suit the site’s landfall, orientation and views.

Concept Design

Our team will present the concept design, including floor plans, site plan, window schedule and an interactive 3D model of your new home, will be presented at a meeting.

Project Costing

Following concept design, Sahara house of modern Pvt. Ltd. will prepare a fully fixed price costing that includes all architect and engineering fees. Once you have approved our costing proposal, a preliminary agreement is signed and a deposit is paid. This deposit is later deducted from the first contract payment.


Sahara house of modern Pvt. Ltd. prepares town planning drawings, which are also reviewed by our team, for council approval. Once approved, a full set of architectural drawings, including detailed interior specifications, are prepared and any changes to the original design are re-coasted.

Contract Signing

Sahara house of modern Pvt. Ltd. prepares a standard residential housing contract for your fully documented home. Once contracts are signed, a building permit is organized and lodged by our team.


Your house will take approximately 12 weeks to construct in our factory. Sahara house of modern Pvt. Ltd. allocates a qualified engineer to project manage your build, and clients are encouraged to visit to inspect progress.